In Prof. Janardan Prasad BAL Vikas Shiksha Kendra which we run in eight different locations in New Delhi. The purpose of this programme is to give sustainable education to disadvantaged children from 4-18 years, especially girls in communities, largely migrants. It is an initiative that brings the joy of exploration, discovery and lifelong learning to children who are first generation learners, lacking opportunities or access to good quality education so that these schools can deliver the best in learning, vocational skills and support for mainstreaming the children from poor households into formal education. An integrated quality education that is relevant to their needs. Since most of the slums are not served by even a primary level school, the children living in these areas are either earning a living by the side of their parents, or are looking after younger siblings, or simply idling away in safe environments. Even if they are sent to school, a majority of them drop out by class 5 since the structured school system is difficult to cope with and they get no help from their parents, who are mostly non-literate.